Beste Liner Brushes

I recently purchased some Beste Finest Golden Taklon Hair┬áliner brushes from Jerry’s Artarama for use on our comic panel paintings in tempera paint. I chose these brushes primarily because of the price and I was particular in wanting a long haired liner brush for those students who wished to try outlining their paintings in black paint rather than marker. I selected sizes 4 and 6 and purchased about 15 of each. The total was $51 for 30 brushes. Jerry’s shipped right away and I didn’t find myself having to stall activities to wait for supplies…Which is good since I didn’t decide to order the brushes until we were in the early stages of the project. I was please that the brushes seem to be good quality with hairs that tend to “want” to retain their shape. About half the students had time or wanted to try the liner brushes. For tempera, we thinned the black paint with a bit of water to work best with the liners.