Wander-proof Tables

This semester, I glued my furniture cups to the floor with a clear variety of Gorilla glue. The glue drying clear is an improvement over the amber-brown color of original Gorilla Glue I have used in the past. I tried one in an inconspicuous area first. After a few days the cup was easily removed from the polished floor tiles by tapping it on the side with a hammer or other tool. The thin residue is easily removed with a blade scraper. I am also still lashing pairs of tables together at adjacent legs. I originally thought maybe the tables being attached might be enough to help keep them in place so I didn’t begin the year with the furniture-cups. Unfortunately, although the lashings helped some, the table still moved around too much to satisfy me. This semester I am using the cups again. I am trying it with less cups to see if it works…two per table. I can always add more if needed. Gorilla Glue is supposed to be activated with water so I took a wet sponge around with me to slightly dampen the base of the cup before applying the glue. This type of glue expands so I just used a pea-size drop in the center of each cup.