Sanitary Wipes

One of the handiest things I have “discovered” for art class use are Pampers Sensitive Wipes. When working with messy materials, chalk pastels for example, my hands would tend to get very dry from all the excessive washing throughout the day. These wipes have a bit of moisturizing effect and are quick and easy for clean up so I don’t have as many trips to the sink. They remove a surprising amount of filth, but when ones take into account what they are made for…I guess it makes sense. They are also great for initial removable of spills from clothing. I choose the sensitive wipes because the “cloth” they are made of is more supple and easy to wipe my hands with. Other varieties and cheapos tend to be inflexible and easily tear. I have not tried many kinds though. I like that one can buy a large quantity in warehouse stores and get a good price. During cold and flu season I pour a few ounces of rubbing alcohol into the package to enhance the anti-microbial effect.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the wipes counteract the drying effect of the alcohol. Additionally, I don’t notice an increase in evaporation when adding alcohol to the plastic dispenser if I keep the lid closed. They are mostly for my own use but I have allowed sparing student use at convenient times.