Scratch Art Tiki Face Designs

We recently completed a scratch-art project using Tiki inspired symmetrical faces as subject matter. For this project, I chose to use the largest student-grade scratch material I could find. I believe the sheets were 11×13″. We discussed and practiced symmetrical transfer to create our own Tiki faces. I also made available a set of pre-printed Tiki Style faces to choose from for those who didn’t feel confident about creating their own. After transferring the designs to scratch paper with chalk, I provided examples of wood texture and demonstrated some techniques to make the designs resemble three-dimensional carved wood.

Tiki Head Scratch Art Wood Texture v01

The scratch material we used had a glossy white surface beneath the black. I provided some bright colored permanent markers for those students who wanted to add some accent color to their designs.

009 (Small) 010 (Small) 011 (Small) 012 (Small) 013 (Small) 014 (Small) 015 (Small) 019 (Small) 020 (Small) 021 (Small) 022 (Small) 025 (Small)