Keep Your Students in Line

You think you know who you’re dealing with? How many of your colleagues glue their desks to the floor?

Mmm hmmm. That’s what I thought.

I’ve been doing this for about fifteen years so its clear that I think it’s awesome. Clear acrylic furniture cups…The little plastic discs that are intended to protect the floor from casters and furniture legs. After I set up my classroom tables, I proceed to glue a cup to the floor beneath all four legs of the 24 tables in my room. My tables are NEVER moved out of place. I never hear the grating sound of a table being scooted around. The polish coat stays intact since it won’t be ground away with table legs and grit. I love it. Our custodians strip and re-wax every summer. In May, I remove all 96 cups, store them,  and start over again when August rolls around. It takes about 45 minutes to do the whole room.

The cups are glued to a polished tile floor with Gorilla glue. I use a drop in the center of the bottom of each cup. The glue is pressed out to razor thin under the weight of the table and stays put until removed. Of course, the table just sits in the cup so the furniture is not literally attached to the floor. To remove them, take away the table and tap the side of each cup gently with a hammer. They immediately snap off and slide away. I collect them and use then again the next year. The glue is only attached to the wax coating, so the floor is unharmed. Any residue will be stripped away with the wax or may be removed with a razor scraper.