Easy Re-Entry

While the security policy allows teachers to have classrooms unlocked on my campus. For a number of reasons, I prefer to leave the actual mechanism in the “always locked” configuration.This way I don’t have to lock and unlock it every time I step away. Students who arrive late, hall pass users, students who are called away and then return…They all knock politely and wait for me to answer. It sounds ideal but I have stop what I am doing and walk across the room to answer the door. This can happen several times in a single class. Students often knock even if the door is unlocked. This is likely because they assume it’s locked without trying.

This little laminated sign uses a magnetic strip to adhere to the door frame and block the latch plate whenever I have it in place. The bright color gets a student’s attention as they approach my door and also ensures I wont forget to remove it when I step away.