Product Reviews

Beste Liner Brushes

I recently purchased some Beste Finest Golden Taklon Hair liner brushes from Jerry’s Artarama for use on our comic panel paintings in tempera paint. I chose these brushes primarily because of the price and I was particular in wanting a long haired liner brush for those students who wished to try outlining their paintings in black paint rather than marker. I selected sizes 4 and 6 and purchased about 15 of each. (more…)

Publishing on Demand

Last year I decided to experiment with on-demand publishing. This refers to companies who offer to print your publishing projects one unit at a time as needed. Automated printing and binding technology now allows this to be done in an affordable way. (more…)

64oz. Yeti Growler Handle

I’ve always like taking something to drink to work in a large container. I like to make a beverage (ice tea for example) in the morning, have it last all day at work, and even have quite a bit left to finish up at home. I’ve been through a number of refillable convenience store mugs and bubba kegs. Most recently, I’ve been enjoying the 64oz Yeti Growler. It stays cold all day and I never run out. There are several brands of this type of container, The drawback of the Yeti verion…No handle.   (more…)

More Presidential Progress

Earlier this week, students began applying color to their Presidential Portraits. We used watercolor marker for our color medium. When I know this project is coming up, I order a supply of red, blue, and black markers. Those happen to be the colors that tend to be used up quickest anyway, so its good to have a supply of extras on hand. Recently, I have been ordering individual color broad-tip markers from Dick Blick. I get them for .34 cents each. They are actually some of the better performing economy markers I have tried. Each table has one of each color and those are shared with four classes during the day. The projects are almost complete and, so far, no “used up” markers. That is to say that the original markers have been able to complete at least four 12×18″ artworks. We began with brand new markers but that is still pretty good for cheap markers on a colorful project.